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castration fetish stories - Naughty Step Sister Wake up Bro and need Sex - Taboo Story

A male is sentenced to have his bare balls lashed. My further descent into slavery. Janet interrogates Gerda. A man, his wife and neighbors take pranking to extremes. This man started out as a cross-dresser. and other exciting erotic stories at! Illustrated Fetish Stories for Adults Only! ***** The naked young man being wheeled into the nurse's office by two big. black guards gaped at the voluptuous woman who smiled at him from her "One young man had a heart attack during the castration so I. decided since he had a .

To this day I break out into a cold sweat just thinking about Anne. What follows is my story about Anne and how she sexually crushed my balls while taking me to a level of sexual bliss I have yet to experience again. After High School I left for a small college in Texas on a baseball scholarship. Castrated by ex wife. For quite a few years my ex wife and me played around with the the fantasy that one day she would castrate me as it always made her hot usually at its best when I had my head between her legs licking and sucking her flooding pussy.

Beta male leads a hot life with his wife & lover. A submissive beta male becomes a cuckold to his fiancé. Wife goes further in emasculating her husband. Femdom and emasculation tales continue. The inner turn ons of a secret, closet sissy. and other exciting erotic stories at! AUTHOR'S NOTE: Though I realize, hopefully that is. That Castration Party by Jenne was only a fantasy. It is a fantasy that is truly horrid in its surmise. Something which I felt required a necessary follow up fantasy as an equal time reprisal. NOTE OF CAUTION: It just goes to show that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Castration (fantasies, stories, pics, methods, etc.) Printable View. That is the end of the story. If you are bound you have no control over when or if she takes it off. It is completely her desicion to ***** you. My wife is pretty awesome. She's only recently become aware of my [email protected] fetish, and so far she's been playing around. She seemed to coyly enjoy it and gave me several smug looks during certain castration scenes. Once the movie finished she made several "joke" comments about castrating me. I've heard her make these sort of jokes in passing before but didn't really think anything of it, this time she really got carried away to the point where I questioned her if.

Elastrator Castration If you get a thrill from the idea of castration, a thrill to castrate or want to be castrated you might enjoy these images, Nothing here yet. Apr 20,  · So to start off with here is an oldie but goodie which was the inspiration for my daughter/father stories. This story is unlike them in most ways, being so gentle and calm, but it got me thinking about the thrill a little girl would have in emasculating the man who sired her. And I've always liked family oriented castration themes. So here you go!