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House Brackmann Facial nerve dysfunction (facial paralysis) manifests in various symptom patterns. To objectively describe facial function, clinicians use a number of standardised scales - the most common being the House-Brackmann facial nerve grading system. The House-Brackmann scale is a nerve grading system developed in by Los Angeles otolaryngologists Dr. John W. House and Dr. Derald E. Brackmann. It is used to characterize the severity of a facial paralysis patient’s symptoms. House .

House-Brackmann facial paralysis scale *Please note: This scale is used to evaluate facial paralysis at the nerve trunk, and is not a descriptive scale to describe injury to specific distal facial nerve branches. This House Brackmann scale for facial paralysis calculator evaluates degree of palsy induced by facial nerve damage in the HB grading system. Below the form you can find more information on the clinical assessment of facial nerve paralysis. 1.

Jun 30,  · The House–Brackmann score is a score to grade the degree of nerve damage in a facial nerve A modification of the original House–Brackmann score, called the “Facial Nerve Grading Scale ” (FNGS) was proposed in scale and, four appraisers felt that training is important for the House necessário treinamento prévio; na escala de House & Brackmann. Facial nerve grading system Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Apr;93(2) doi: / Authors J W House, D E Brackmann. PMID: DOI: / No abstract available. Publication types Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't MeSH terms Facial Nerve / physiopathology*.

• The House-Brackmann grading system is the most commonly used method of categorizing and documenting long-term facial nerve function after insult, injury, or surgery.