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erotic tens unit - MILF Keeps Her Dildos in a Storage Unit

Apr 03,  · If you have a medical TENS unit (or "electrotherapy machine") at home, it can be used for erotic purposes. While it won’t have insertable attachments, the electrode pads are often enough to satisfy most people. If you’re looking to buy an e-stim unit made just for sex, I recommend the Mystim brand for beginners. It’s not all about pain; a TENS unit has a variety of settings which can provide everything for a gentle, vibrating hum to zapping, brain-numbing pain. It’s up to you which settings you pick. You can buy specific erotic TENS unit machines, but medical units can be used as well, with a variety of electro sex toys and attachments available.

The Electro-sex E-stim toys and accessories found on this page work with our standard TENS unit with its multi-function settings for vaginal, anal, penis and testicle stimulation! Using low level electrical current to contract the muscles, and stimulate the nerves contributes to great sexual pleasure and often creates hands-free orgasms! Electro Conductive Silicone Rubber Tube Loops Ring with Adjustable Buckle and Cable Electro Stimulator Electro Accessories Products for TENS Unit out of 5 stars 10 $ $