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Aug 22,  · C Vs Goku By chicken0chips Watch. Favourites. 6 Comments. 38K Views. Not long after android 18 kneed Goku in the testicles when the few believe to want to see misty kick him in the testicles for catching her using a port-A-potty when she was to . Aug 01,  · Super Android 18 ready to fight. Androidfanclub. AkiraToriyamaFans. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Super Lazuli: Kill Son Goku, kill Son Goku, kill Son Goku I prefer the sexy design on her thought. Reply. Nov 29, Majin3D.

Link To Video's: xxxbukake.xyz?v=GXDfSobYmXU&t=33sxxxbukake.xyz?v=mHrKZF-rtHE&t=3sSub To xxxbukake.xyz "Vegeta vs. Android #18, Round Two" (さすがのベジータ, Sasuga no Bejīta, lit. "As You had Expect of Vegeta") is the one hundred fifty ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred fifty-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. 1 Cover 2 Summary 3 Appearances Characters Locations 4 Site Navigation The cover of the chapter features Android 17 and Android 18 on a.

Android #18, along with Android #17, were conceived after Akira Toriyama's former editor Kazuhiko Torishima expressed disapproval with Androids #19 and #20 as villains. Following their introduction into the series, Torishima soon afterward became dissatisfied with her and #17 as well, resulting in the creation of Cell. Toriyama stated that he was pleased with Android #18 because she was a type Created by: Akira Toriyama.