Hermione Granger sodomized - harry and hermione erotic


harry and hermione erotic - Hermione Granger sodomized

Mar 14,  · In the first of a series of fan fiction Harry Potter erotica, read for the first time the "Untold Tales" hidden away until now Harry and Hermione have escaped certain death once again after surviving Godric's Hollow and Nagini. Harry's wand is broken beyond repair, Ron has left them and his anger has reached new heights/5. Jul 05,  · Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley; Lavender Brown/Ron Weasley; Hermione Granger; Ron Weasley; Lavender Brown; Harry Potter; Cheating; Infidelity; Erotica; Romance; Summary. Nothing can keep Ron and Hermione apart for long, not even the fact that he’s still going out with Lavender Brown. Series. Part 2 of Ron and Hermione short stories; Language.

Oct 24,  · Hermione, finding out some horrible things about the Weasleys, runs to her former best friend. Unfortunately, she's going to have to work for his forgiveness. Harry/Hermione, Harry/Susan, Harry/Hermione/Susan, Harry/Gabrielle, One Shot, SMUT. Categories: Erotica, Erotica > Fem/Slash, Erotica > Lemon, Erotica > Smut. Harry couldn’t tear his eyes away from the erotic sight. There was Hermione’s most intimate parts exposed to him. Her clit was wet and hard, her labia glistening and swollen with desire. Both Harry and Hermione had gasped when they felt Ron’s hand, but soon forgot and concentrated on the incredible pleasure they were both experiencing.

Harry Potter had always known Hermione Granger was a girl, thank you very much. She was a girl, but she had always been that girl who was one of the guys. That girl you couldn't look at as 'girl' but rather a good, completely untouchable friend. Feb 25,  · Though there had been some awkward situations, Parvati had really gone out of her way to be kind to Hermione since she had begun dating Harry, and Hermione had started to think of her as something of a friend. Which made her ongoing erotic dreams all the worse.