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facial femininzation and gender reassignment - Black Cutie with Huge Tits Hooks Up with Guy

Facial Feminization. Facial feminization refers to the surgeries intended to give your face a more feminine look. The number of operations varies depending on how extensive you want the procedure to be. Procedures are done over a period of time in sequential order until the feminine look is achieved. Facial feminization is a set of cosmetic procedures done to soften typical male facial features and provide more classically feminine features to the face and neck. FFS is typically sought by the transgender population but can be performed for anyone seeking to soften their facial features.

Facial Feminization Gender Reassignment Male-to-female gender reassignment surgery (GRS) or sexual reassignment jersey (SRS) seeks to modify the form and function of the sexual organs. Facial Feminization Surgery Dr. Chettawut offers complete male to female facial feminizing procedures with knowledge, experience and artistry to achieve the best possible results.

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