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Spectrophilia as a fetish. Spectrophilia is a fetish that is classified as the paraphilia in which one is attracted to ghosts or spirits. Spectrophiliacs fantasize about ghosts and often imagine scenarios involving sexual events between themselves or others and spirits. The demon uses my right side for yes or approval and my left for no or disapproval. This is a trademark pattern for this demon. I call this behavior "bracketing". 1. The demon communicates, no, on my left. 2. I become aware of what the demon has done. 3. The demon communicates, yes, on my right. Posted Apr 20, - Last Edited Apr 27,

Spirit Husbands and Wives. Demons impersonate past lovers, absent lovers, deceased spouses. Spirit husbands and spirit wives are difficult to get rid of in the early stages of possession. A new name for spirit husbands and wives is “Sex With Ghosts“. The host desires the presence of their absent loved one. Nov 20,  · Demons are fallen angels. Sometimes our theology textbooks state that sin first came into the world with the sin in the garden, but already there was a fall before the human fall. The serpent came into the garden from the outside and with evil intent (Gen. –2). The serpent questioned God’s goodness by insinuating that God was withholding.

The “miracles” of demons often include such phenomena as levitation, telekinesis, mind reading, and automatic writing, Perhaps even greater “wonders” will commonly occur in the end of the present age, when the devil and his angels are cast down to this earth. Demon possessed persons sometimes display extraordinary physical strength. In.