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condoms and lube - Sabrinas big tits get lubed and fucked soundly

Jan 03,  · If flavored condoms aren't your thing, just try a traditional condom and add a flavored lube. Be mindful of using water- and silicone- based lubes with latex condoms, as oil-based lubes break down. Whether or not your condoms come pre-lubricated, it's always a good idea to apply some additional lube yourself. Again, lubricants can help prevent condoms from breaking during use, and may also prevent irritation. And irritation, besides being uncomfortable, can increase the chance of infection. But you must choose your personal lubricant wisely.

Jun 01,  · Applying lube to your penis before putting your condom on can help increase your pleasure. Alternatively, apply a drop or two to the inner reservoir of the condom before rolling it on. Be generous with the lubricant for your partner, too, by putting it on the outside of the condom and on their genitals. Nov 30,  · Lubricated Condoms Lubricated condoms are the latex condoms you find most often in drugstores. They may be lubricated with spermicides or a non-spermicidal personal lubricant. Some people find that lubricated condoms are easier to manage and put on than non-lubricated condoms.