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Condoms Durex is the world's No.1 brand for condoms.* From ribbed and dotted to our ultra-thin Invisible condoms, discover our expertly designed range of condoms created to help enhance your sexual experience. Buy now for fast and discreet delivery. Most men simply don't like to use condoms because they get in the way aka are too big, too small, too loose or too tight. Getting it on means condoms need to fit right. Well, we've got a game changer for you, 60 condom sizes, free sample kits and home measure kit to get your perfect fit.

Aug 29,  · Their widths start from 54mm and go all the way till 69mm, which is the width of the largest condoms available. You will find that most large condoms on the list have a width of 56mm, several 60mm and just a few have condom widths of 64mm . Oct 29,  · To make condom use doubly hot, try ONE condoms, which LeClair says are fun, flirtatious, and playful. Find them online. You can also check out Maude Rise Latex, Lola Ultra Thin, or Lelo HEX which.