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Eros and Psyche Eros, the alleged son of Aphrodite, is most commonly known for his Latin name: Cupid. He could stir desire into the hearts of anyone he pleased with a simple draw and release of his enchanted arrow. The story of Eros and Psyche is one of the . Feb 14,  · The hauntingly beautiful myth of Psyche and Eros, a moving love story coming from the rich mythology of ancient Greece, has inspired countless artists Author: Philip Chrysopoulos.

Eros is the god of erotic love, and Psyche is the goddess of the soul. Knowledge of their positions by sign can give us insight into how individuals express their erotic and romantic impulses, and the type of sexual and romantic chemistry that is generated between two people. Oct 31,  · Eros and Psyche is a rich romantic myth that offers the revelation – as so many myths do – that wounding is a necessary part of the plot towards consciousness itself.. In this free audio lecture, get a taste for how myths can act as inspirational guides, and how they point us to our own psychic Dennis P. Slattery.

Dec 23,  · December 22, PORTLAND, OR – ABLAZE announced today that they will be publishing creator Maria Llovet’s Eros/Psyche as a five-issue miniseries, with #1 shipping March , each issue written, drawn and colored by Llovet. “The Rose” female boarding school is paradise for young girls but only if you follow the rules.