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You're covered with PC Condom. Just insert the PC Condom into your USB drive and you’re protected from malware, ransomware, and anything else that tries to install itself. You are completely safe to open email attachments and safe to browse the web. How can I get PC Condom? The Original USB Condom prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into someone else’s computer or a public charging station/5(11).

The Condom USB is a device that acts as a stopgap between any your computer and any USB enabled device. How does it work? As soon as the Condom USB detects a . Computer as Condom. By Seymour Papert Discussing laptops with local teachers reminded of my encounter in Thailand with Mr. Condom. His real name is Meechai, but he proudly accepts the nickname given in honor of his work teaching villagers in remote areas to use condoms. Statistics show that he has contributed significantly to keeping birth rate.

Dec 06,  · Original USB Condom Now called SyncStop, and sold by Xipiter, this is a super-simple, cheap solution to the potential problem of using untrusted USB charging devices. Sep 30,  · USB Condom I'm the USB Condom, a condom for USB devices to prevent accidental data exchange when your phone is plugged into the charging station or someone else's PC/laptop or power bank.

Faster than a SyncStop or USB Condom, and a little more compact. Looks like a simple charger to the attached device, with no attempts to make a data connection. Good Reviews: