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computer gaming addiction in adult men - AllGirlMassage Trying to Distract My Game Addict Girlfriend

Using gaming to ease bad moods and feelings Of course, not everyone who plays a lot has a problem with gaming. Some experts say that it’s harmful to label people who might just be very enthusiastic. Jan 12,  · Video Game Addiction Treatment for Adults and Teens Treating compulsive video gaming is similar to treating other types of addictive behaviors, and relies mostly on psychotherapy in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Gaming Addiction is a Serious Disorder The unmanageability of gaming addiction is apparent to those around both teenage and adult addicts. And it only gets worse as the addiction progresses. In rare and extreme cases of gaming addictions, gamers have lost their lives due to exhaustion and malnutrition. The video game addict has a history of addiction (i.e., to work, love, drugs, nicotine). If you notice you have one or more of these risk factors and causes of video game addictions, and you regularly game, you may already be addicted to video games. It’s important not to try to go it alone if you want to overcome this problem.

Video games and computer games are heavily marketed toward teens and young adults, but recent studies show the average video game addict is 35 years old. The research also shows that compulsive gamers are more likely to be overweight and more likely to be depressed than the general population.