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Nov 12,  · The cluster name account is created in the default container for computer accounts in Active Directory. By default this is the "Computers" container, but the domain administrator can choose to redirect it to another container or organizational unit (OU). The computer account (computer object) of a clustered service or application. In Windows Server R2, Failover Clustering created computer objects in the Active Directory under the default Computers container for cluster Network name resources. In Windows Server this has changed to enable greater flexibility when setting up a Failover Cluster. Cluster Name Object (CNO).

Jun 07,  · 3. the GUID for CNO on the AD and on cluster nodes are same. find in AD the GUID for CNO and then on each cluster Node, if it's same, then you are ok here. on cluster nodes you can find the guid in \HKLM\Service\cluster\(check one by one, there will be your computer in this case CLUSTER1) please check on this youself. AD is already clustered. You bind to the domain using the correct entries that AD has stored in DNS. Edit - to clarify: You don't do anything to cluster AD. The process of dcpromo to make a server a DC will automatically make the new DC take part in AD replication. That keeps the AD database synced.

The option to create an Active Directory-detached cluster is not available in Windows Server In Windows Server , you can only deploy a failover cluster where the network names for the cluster are in both DNS and AD DS. An Active Directory-detached cluster uses Kerberos authentication for intra-cluster communication.