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We have updated new and latest fun Christmas skits for adults. you can play online and learn how to do it in your church programs. Skip to content. Menu. Skits. Christmas skits for adults; Funny 5 minute short christmas comedy skits for church seniors and adults. Source from: https. Funny Christmas Skits: A Christmas Story (2 actors or puppets) Christmas With the Mulligans (2 female adults, 5 boys, 5 girls) Her Christmas Hat (A farce in one act) (4 male, 5 female adults) We will have more skit scripts on this page soon. If you would like to submit a script you have written, please use our Contact Us page. More Ideas.

These Christmas skits are perfect for performing during your church service to add a little drama! The Bells of Christmas As the bells of Christmas usher in the season of hurry up and get there, the true meaning starts to fade in the background as we forget why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Little to no memorization required. For older youth and adults. Bethlehem Walk A group of about 20 visitors at a time follow a shepherd on a 15 minute walk to view 7 skits or vignettes while looking for baby Jesus. A unique way to witness to your community during the Christmas season! Christmas, the .

A Manger Scene-Comedy. This traditional Christmas story is told with a bit of humor, including Joseph who thinks Mary's "surprise" involves a new 4-wheel drive off-roader wagon and an innkeeper who speaks only in rhyme. Throw in a "directionally challenged" Star who can't seem to find the stable, two clueless shepherds, a sheep who thinks her wool makes her look fat, and three Wise Men who are. In most households around the country, the Christmas holiday festivities often include sitting around the fireplace (or having the traditional Yule Log channel on the TV) or the Christmas tree talking about the year, telling stories, or opening year, you can do something different and special with your family when you put on funny Christmas skits.