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May 13,  · More than two-thirds of all new cancers are diagnosed among adults aged 60 years and older. As the number of adults living to older ages continues to increase, so too will the number of new cancer cases. In , more than million people were diagnosed with cancer. Jul 18,  · In fact, 60% of people who have cancer are 65 or older. So are 60% of cancer survivors. If you are an older adult with cancer, you are not alone. But you should know that age is just one factor in your cancer and treatment.

Many older adults are being screened for cancer who no longer need to be, results from a new study show. Based on a nationwide survey, the study found that at least half of older adults had received at least one unnecessary cancer screening test in the previous few years. Population ageing will have consequences for cancer control globally as cancer is more prevalent in older adults. Cancer can develop at any age, but the incidence of cancer rises dramatically at a later stage in life. In fact, more than 50% of people who have cancer are 65 or older (calculated from the GLOBOCAN data.

The world’s population is aging more quickly than ever before. By , the number of people over 60 is expected to double. 1 People with cancer are also growing older. Approximately 37% of new cancer cases around the world are diagnosed in people older than 70, 2 and this number is predicted to more than double by 3 This staggering trend will place a significant burden on individuals. Aug 14,  · The number of older adults with cancer is rising. Data suggest that many patients with cancer, including older adults, have a different understanding about their prognoses relative to their oncologists. Social support is an important component and has been shown to improve outcomes in older adults.