This is not a good idea - brown bag lunch ideas for adults


brown bag lunch ideas for adults - This is not a good idea

7 Strategies to Spice Up Your Brown Bag Lunch. 1. Add Dipping Sauces A small bag of carrots and celery sticks isn’t too exciting – until you add garlic hummus or sweet Thai chili sauce. Tasty dipping sauces can spice up everything from leftover grilled chicken (cut into nugget-sized pieces), pre-cooked shrimp, and fruits and veggies. Jan 19,  · With these packed lunch ideas, mealtime is no longer a worry. These brown bag lunch recipes are healthy, easy to make, and portable. It can be hard to eat light and fill up, but these recipes have plenty of protein to keep you full (without feeling like you need an afternoon nap after eating).Author: Mary Shannon Wells.

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