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Jul 02,  · Adults Only book. Read 16 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The kitchen was a mess. Packets and jars had been flung around. Half th /5(16). The Library is currently open by reservation only for computer use, copying, scanning, or faxing; browsing is not allowed. Find out what’s available by location (including curbside service) and how to use your Library remotely during the COVID pandemic.. Old Colorado City Library will temporarily close starting Thu., Jan. 7, for renovations. Find out what to expect and when it will reopen.

Brave New World is a classic dystopian novel, written in the early s by Aldous Huxley. Set in a society in which humans are manufactured and programmed depending on their assigned social class, it addresses individualism, conformity, and the dangers of complete government control. The Most-Read Adult Book Reviews of Dec 26, We review more than 8, books per year, and these were the 10 most-read reviews of books published in

Now for that note on young adult books: The ratings for books written for younger readers (young adult and middle-grade) are a bit “tighter” than the general ratings for books written for adults. For an adult book, if there’s only two or three mild bits of language, it can get a “none” rating; in a book . The Adults: A Novel is an enjoyable example of this genre, as a formerly married couple book a Christmas trip to a theme park/resort that includes their young daughter (and her imaginary rabbit) and their new partners/5.

The book starts out with quirky, delightful characters. year-old Astrid witnesses the accidental death of an acquaintance, decides life is short, and it's time to right wrongs. It’s time to reveal her secrets to her adult children. The children, of course, all have problems and secrets of their own/5(K).