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Spider-Man and Black Cat have a complicated relationship, sometimes being on the same side, while also being on opposite sides. Though, how's their relationship as Peter and Felicia? Going into his senior year of high school, Peter wants to make sure he goes out . A young girl named Zero is put under the care of Black Cat. Though she can't speak, she somehow works her way into Train's heart. Follow the story of how Zero blooms into a beautiful rose. Starts 2 .

News of the Black Cat had been spreading all over the country. The most famous burglar in France, the Black Cat could sneak into any home and disappear without a trace. No one knew who he was, or what he looked like. All they knew was he was the most skilled thief in the country, possibly all of Europe. Nov 19,  · Read Black Cat from the story Marvel Fem X male reader. (Lemon, Harem, One shot) by BlinkCreator (Blink) with 47, reads. harem, romance, blackcat. This is going to be a story with lots of adult explicit content with your favorite babes of marvel. #action #adult-content #adultthemes #blackcat #fancic #fanfiction #harem #malereader # Reviews:

Black Cat's Surprise Chapter 1 Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea for this story, I am basing this off of the spider-man 2 game. What if after a night of beating up bad guys together, Spider-Man and Black Cat shared a night of passion?