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POOL Exclusive to adult guests of The Cove Atlantis, on the apex of Cove and Paradise beaches, the 9, square-foot pool is decidedly sophisticated with two separate elevated infinity pools at each end. 20 Breathtaking Beachfront Cabanas Enjoy the breathtaking view from our beachfront cabanas at . The Cain at the Cove beach club/outdoor gaming is for adult Cove guests only. Also, the Cascades Pool by the Reef Tower is for Cove and Reef guests only. All the remaining pools may be .

The Cove Pool Exclusive to guests of The Cove Atlantis, The Cove Pool and Beach Club offers an adults-only experience within its privileged access. It provides four multi-level pools, stylish daybeds, live DJ's and an outdoor gaming pavilion. Aug 30,  · In fact, The Cove is not an adults only lodging facility at the Atlantis, children are everywhere on The Cove property with the only exception being the "Cain Pool." When we questioned the staff regarding this, many staff acknowledged that it was supposed to be "adults only" and that we should take it up with managementK TripAdvisor reviews.

A view of the adults-only The Cain swimming pools at The Cove Atlantis. If you stay at the Cove, there is an adults only pool. Other than that.. kids are everywhere. And there's no getting away from them in the restaurants or anywhere else on the property. Atlantis owners also own the One and only Ocean Club nearby.

Families are frequent guests thanks to the aquarium and water park, while adults (both groups and couples) come to enjoy the dining options, the beach and pools, and the spa. Design elements riff on the nautical Atlantis mythology, but the overall the property doesn't necessarily feel as overtly branded as the big-ticket resorts of Las Vegas or. Cain pool is oceanfront at Cove. Cove has 4pools (2 @ Cain) with 1 being the Residences pool which they share. Non Cove guests cannot use these pools. There is a new huge pool along side Cove that all Atlantis guests can use.