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Speech-language pathology is a powerful tool to help a variety of individuals navigate the frightening process of cognitive function changes. Mar 16,  · Sometimes you just need an idea to get started.. I created this list of quick therapy ideas to be a reference tool of treatment tasks that don't require much more than a few scraps of paper or a maybe a memory of the activities can be discussion-based and then are more flexible to use in functional situations.

People with cognitive-communication disorders often benefit from assessment and personalized treatment by a speech-language pathologist, since each case is unique. Therapy may include a combination of techniques. Cognitive Communication Assessment The Cognitive Communication Assessment created by Medical SLPs is a quick and easy to administer tool for speech therapists working in the medical setting. With a more functional approach to evaluation, this assessment tool can be used to develop individualized therapy programs and help therapists create.

Speech and Language Therapy Speech and Language Therapy Our speech and language pathologists evaluate and treat adults with a variety of communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders. Among the conditions we treat are speech/language, memory, voice disorders and stuttering. Dec 20,  · The applications for an iPad in adult cognitive-communication therapy can be endless. I use everything from the calculator to internet browser, to apps designed for speech therapy. In a building that has wifi, I often use the internet for community reintegration and executive function goals.

Free speech therapy materials created by Medical SLPs. Speech therapy activities, worksheets, evaluations, and handouts. Adults Advanced Naming Aphasia Apraxia Auditory Comprehension Bundles Cognitive Communication Compensatory Memory Dementia Divergent Naming Downloadable Dysarthia Dysphagia Executive Functioning Expressive Language Free. Pediatric turned adult-rehab speech-language pathologist. Avid knitter, nature seeker, tea drinkin', FEES swingin', introverted homebody. Captivated by all things speech, language and swallowing therapy. Thanks for visiting! Ozark Speech Pathologist | a therapy blog. Sep More on Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy and Metacognitive.

Jan 19,  · Free Cognitive Activities For Adults. Download & Print. Download a Free Worksheets. Print these worksheets packets and use them with your patients during one-on-one therapy sessions or as a group activity. Play. Play 5 Exercises. Play a sample of HappyNeuron Pro exercises! Follow. Therapy should include tasks that focus on semantic processing, including semantic cueing of spoken output, semantic judgments, categorization, and word-to-picture matching. Therapy may target the comprehension and production of complex, as well as simple, sentence forms. Therapy should be conducted within natural communication environments.