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A mean babysitter who abuses her authority, spanking and teasing you because she wants to ; The exasperated girlfriend who has had enough of your lazing about and decides to use your own belt to teach you a lesson; The Auntie you're staying with for the summer, and is determined to instill some discipline in you. My spanking sessions range from OTK to corporal punishment. I have a domestic play space located in Warren, MI which is in the suburb of the Metro Detroit area. Other sessions available are spanking & caning therapy, behavior modification, corner time, and .

The Art of Adult Spanking. I offer real discipline spankings. Spanking is a cathartic release of day-to-day stress, compulsive thought patterns, and negative emotions. I will listen to your concerns and admission of negative behavior and come up with a structured plan for you to overcome your issues. OTK Hand Spanking; Discipline with implements (paddles, belt, cane, brush, pretty much anything you feel you need) Cornertime; Scolding (note: aside from traditional scolding, this can be in the form of reminding you what you need to do, .

I am an adult convert to spanking. I was not spanked as a child. I do not spank my own children and do not agree with spanking as form of discipline. I understand that for many of my clients this part of their life needs to remain a secret for various reasons. I offer % discretion. Therapy, as defined by American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, is “a curative power” or “any act, task, program, etc., that relieves tension” (“Therapy”). Not to indicate therapy will cure your stress, but the way you may interpret or deal with your stress.

A Simple Spanking session (Spanking ) is the most basic, introductory type of session that Miss Chris offers. Specially designed for newcomers to adult spanking play, an SS session is just that -- a simple but very comprehensive exploration of hand to butt spanking. No role plays, no ritualized punishments, no fancy instruments or elaborate. Disciplinarian, Spankologist, Dominatrix, Adult Baby Mommy. Home. Spankos. Domination. AB's. Online Shop; NO SEXUAL SERVICES. Disciplinarian and Spankologist. Ms. Rochelle can do the three general types of spanking including relaxing, theraputic and discipline spankings. Also included are the following options: Get over here and get the.