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Rebus Puzzle – Guess the phrase from the picture August 4, myname Rebus Puzzles Puzzles are one of the common tools to check Iq of a person. They are also fun to . Jan 11,  · Initially, Rebus is a figure of speech in works that carry satirical content. Derived from the Latin used in France, Rebus has shifted the meaning of work into something that can be done by anyone like a game. Rebus game is similar to playing puzzles.

Feb 20, - A selection of + REBUS Puzzles. Answers are in the pin descriptions. View online at See more ideas about rebus puzzles pins. Guess What It Says? Rebus Puzzles Created Date: 8/4/ AM.

Puzzles for Adults — Train Your Brain! Free online puzzles for adults is a great way to keep your gray matter in excellent shape. Be it word-search, a jigsaw puzzle of a Victorian castle, or a tricky rebus, your brain will appreciate a good and fun shake-up. So, waste . How to use. 1 To create the rebus puzzle enter the word or short phrase in the Word of phrase field and press the Generate rebus button. Created rebus puzzle consists of up to 10 images and rebus decode instuctions shown below each image. Each decode hint may suggest to: · add a letter eg. +A · remove a letter eg. -A · replace a one letter with anogher eg.