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Apr 03,  · In , after a decades-long vaccination program, the CDC declared measles eliminated from the United States. Jump to today, the United States has seen more measles diagnoses in the first three months of than in all of Although unvaccinated children are at high risk for infection, adults can also be impacted by the virus. Aug 22,  · Measles in adults Although it’s often associated with childhood illness, adults can get measles too. People who aren’t vaccinated are at a higher risk of catching the disease. It’s generally Author: Valencia Higuera.

Apr 26,  · Warning signs of adult measles may include fever and flu-like symptoms. The most noticeable symptom of measles in adults generally is a red, blotchy skin rash. Certain other flu -like symptoms sometimes accompany measles, and some patients also experience or develop diarrhea, earaches or infections, and pneumonia. Measles can be fatal in children because their immune systems are not fully equipped to fight off the virus 1. Adults can also contract measles, yet with prompt diagnosis they can recover fairly quickly 1. You develop immunity after contracting, recovering from or becoming vaccinated for measles .

"Adults can definitely get measles. Their cases are similar to children and being an adult is actually a risk factor for severe illness and complications," Dr. Melissa Stockwell, with Columbia. May 22,  · Measles Cases Increasing. As of May 13, the number of measles cases totaled in 23 states, reported the Centers for Disease Control and .