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25 Best Weight Loss Spas Resorts and Retreats. May 13,  · The weight-loss program at this outdoorsy New England spa focuses heavily on (you guessed it) melting pounds via hiking the mountain right outside its Author: Elena Rover.

May 27,  · New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont has been helping clients lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight for the last 40 years. Their non-clinical approach uses mountains, clean air and lush greenery instead of an indoor gym, plus wholesome natural food instead of a diet. by Type Fitness Resorts include all-inclusive weight loss resorts and adult fat camps, with high-impact workouts and measured nutrition. Yoga Retreats are lower-impact weight loss retreats focused on yoga classes, stretching, and the mind-body connection.

Unite Fitness & Weight Loss Camp will drastically change your current fitness level with the guidance & support of our certified and motivating trainers. Unite is known as one of the best weight loss camps for adults in America for changing habits and geting results. Residential weight-loss programs, sometimes called retreats, resorts or spas, are adult versions of "fat camps." People choose residential programs for various reasons like wanting a structured environment, having a lot of weight to lose or just wanting supervision while they trim down.

Located in Madeira Beach, Florida, Weight Crafters is an all-inclusive fitness and weight loss camp for adults. Only 40 minutes from Tampa, Weight Crafters seeks to help guests lose weight and get healthy through a combination of proper nutrition and active exercise daily.