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May 18,  · As years passed, Shanghai really built his reputation as a tourist place. That’s all because the touristy attractions found in the city and the Shanghai nightlife events. If you are a type of guy that loves to spend the night partying rather than sleeping, then Shanghai . As years go by, Shanghai was able to pull a lot of tourists visiting the city and that’s all because of all the touristy attractions found in the city and the Shanghai nightlife events as well. Thus if you are the person who loves to spend the night partying rather than going to sleep then Shanghai is the best place for you.

#3 of Nightlife in Shanghai "The hosts do a great job of making you feel welcome and a part of the group, with an open bar at the start, shots on arrival, a party bus and many drinking games, it’s well worth the money and your time!" "You really do meet friendly people, the bars are all fun/interesting, and Vitor is . Shanghai is a paradise for nightlife lovers. You have many choices, such as going to a coffee bar, a club, a nightshow or a disco. Here I will recommend the 10 the best clubs and bars in Shanghai to meet beautiful local girls. 1.

Apr 18,  · Chinese girls will love singing karaoke on a date night, just make sure to pick a family style one and not an adult type which may have hostesses or prostitutes. You could also go see a live show at the Grand Theater, Oriental Art Center, or The Pearl from the list also has lots of live music. Jul 28,  · Saigon is the new rising star in Southeast Asia – and I’m obviously not just speaking in terms of family or backpacking tourists who just have to either start or finish their trip around Vietnam in the exciting southern metropolis that’s now officially called Ho Chi Minh City (I’ll be mostly referring to it as Saigon though in this and my other Vietnam guides, as it’s still much more.

Aug 04,  · Soi Cowboy is easily the most centrally-located adult playground in Bangkok. It’s situated right across Terminal 21 (mall), Asok BTS and around the corner of Sukhumvit BTS. Soi Cowboy is a small side-street with 40+ bars and many gogo girls standing .