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adult industry secrets - Industry is the soul of business

Oct 25,  · “I think one of the biggest secrets or misconceptions about porn is that all the directors are men. I don't think most people realize just how many female porn directors . Feb 12,  · 10 Dirty Secrets Of The Adult Film Industry Revealed By The Porn Stars Themselves. Himanshu Kapoor | Last Modified - Feb 12, , PM ISTAuthor: Himanshu Kapoor.

May 25,  · 22 Secrets Porn Stars Will Never Tell You. There's an art to faking an orgasm. Miley started her porn career at 18 years old after having a fascination with the sex industry . Jan 20,  · Money is a topic that’s shrouded in mystery in the adult entertainment world. While it’s widely presumed to be a multibillion dollar industry, there’s no real firm accounting to back that up.