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Learning to speak a new language as an adult can be daunting. While one can live a full and rich Jewish life only hearing and not understanding or reading Hebrew, Hebrew is the language of our liturgy and our tradition.

The course emphasizes Classical Hebrew, the language of biblical and liturgical texts. Hebrew 1: Kitah Aleph. Thursday Evenings. Hebrew (עִבְרִית ‎, Ivrit (help · info), IPA: or) is a Northwest Semitic language native to , Modern Hebrew was spoken by over nine million people worldwide. Historically, it is regarded as the language of the Israelites, Judeans and their ancestors; however, the language was not referred to by the name "Hebrew" in the Tanakh xxxbukake.xyzge family: Afro-Asiatic, .

A pair of Adult Hebrew courses await you, available at both the beginning and intermediate levels. Taught by Nomi Barancik on Sundays at 9am (intermediate) and . Shalom! At Ha-Ulpan you'll learn modern conversational Hebrew in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. Our certified instructors are native Hebrew speakers, highly experienced with helping adult learners break .