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In fact, as many parents of young adults already know, family vacations can be a lot more fun when the kids get older. You can enjoy a great bottle of wine together, and meals don't have to revolve around a kids' menu. It's much easier to fly with your something offspring than with fidgety 7-year-olds, and they carry their own luggage, too. Aug 15,  · Island Getaway If you want an adult-pleasing South Seas family trip, head to Bora Bora and the St. Regis resort. The smallest villa here is 1, .

Mar 22,  · When our kids were young, my husband and I took them on plenty of memorable vacations—to northern Michigan, upstate New York, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Badlands, England’s Lake District, and Ireland’s County Cork. Then we became empty nesters, and the family .