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This review of recent literature in the mass media in adult education is based on the assumption that the literature reflects actual practices and trends. It explains the difficulties in arriving at definitions, outlines the general trends in the uses of the mass media, and examines individual media as well as their use in the various areas of adult by: 2. The effects of mass media in adult education, the empire of mass media has conquered almost all territories, there are a few countries left in Africa that doesn't know about television or newspapers, but the number of people who do not consider mass media to be one of the things they cannot live without is quite Samuel Toyin Adeleye.

The learning institutes and ministry of adult education should organize public lectures, symposium, seminars and conferences, exhibition and campaign on the effective technique of modern media methods for effective teachings and learning. Keywords: Mass Media, Adult Education Author: Samuel Toyin Adeleye. Those involved in mass media and adult education in the Third World, including researchers in education, communication, and instructional technology, operators of mass media programs, and national policy makers, should regard themselves as change agents. In order to function effectively as such they must understand the methodological aspects of radio, film, and television at the levels of Author: H. S. Bhola.

Mass Media and Adult Education. Niemi, John A., Ed. Some important developments affecting the use of the mass media in adult education are described in this collection of papers. A paper by Dr. George Gordon accuses educators of lacking imagination in their whole approach to adult education, especially in their use of the media.