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Everybody is more or less picky: we eat what we eat. We also have our ways of sneaking up on new food and learning to eat it. However, we go beyond picky, and get stuck, when we are uncomfortable around unfamiliar food and feel bad about it. If you want to address your picky eating, start first with your attitudes and feelings. Mar 09,  · In many adult picky eaters, their pickiness is pretty benign — they eat only from a limited range of foods with no physical health or psychosocial problems. But when their eating habits starts to affect the quality of life for someone or those around them, things get Jesslyn Shields.

Nov 28,  · Adult Picky Eaters Now Recognized as Having a Disorder He's 63 years old, but Bob Krause admits he still eats "a 4-year-old's dream diet." . Nov 29,  · Dr. Zucker said some adult picky eaters come to the Duke center for help when they are concerned about being poor role models for their children, for example, or they panic about attending business.

The goal of Picky Eating Adults Support is to foster understanding and make the general public aware that picky eating or selective eating is a real condition. People that have this relationship with food don't just get over it. PEAS is here to pass along information, share stories and simply to stand as a beacon to so many who have for so long. Mar 01,  · Most adult picky eaters start as child picky eaters. “It’s normal for children to go through a picky stage when they’re toddlers, maybe two or three years old, and that makes sense evolutionarily,”.