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Rules, regulations and resources vary by state. Become familiar with local and statewide licensing/certification requirements, zoning regulations and safety codes. Network with colleagues through state adult day services associations. Click on links below to learn more about states or click here to learn more about opening an adult day center. As a condition for receiving a grant and grant funds under this part for an adult day health care facility, States must meet the requirements of this section. (a) Each adult day health care program, when it is co-located in a nursing home, domiciliary, or other care facility, must have its own separate designated space during operational hours. (b) The indoor space for an adult day health care.

For example, Kentucky requires licensure or certification depending on the type of services offered; adult day health care is licensed and adult day care is certified. Several states address licensure in the context of co-location of an adult day care facility within an already licensed acute or LTC Size: KB. Adult day service participants are diverse in terms of their age, abilities, and ethnicity. However, the results of the MetLife study suggest that typical adult day care participants are over 65 years old. Most are white females who suffer from hypertension, dementia, or some physical disability.

Apr 09,  · All states require specific types of staff for ADS programs. The major difference in requirements between adult day care and adult day health care is the latter must have licensed nurses available in some capacity. The National Adult Day Services Association offers a full list of state-by-state requirements. Was this page helpful? Jan 31,  · In addition to the zoning and business-registration requirements of your local government, you will need to research the requirements of your state government, specifically for adult day care services. Some states only license adult day care centers, while others require that you write exams and become certified.

Generally speaking, most adult day care is provided under Medicaid waivers. Eligibility for waivers considers the applicant's income and financial resources, as well as their functional ability. In most states, waivers require the participant to be in need of nursing home level care. May 05,  · Only those adult day care programs seeking to serve one or more participants with Waiver funding are required to be certified. Please see Opening an Adult Day Care Facility for more information on starting a program. Adult Day Care: Rules and Regulations | Wisconsin Department of Health Services Jump to navigationSkip to main content.

Adult Day Care Centers provide therapeutic programs of social and health services as well as activities for adults in a non-institutional setting. Participants may utilize a variety of services offered during any part of a day, but less than a hour period.