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Sexiest Covers. I plan on making a list of my top sexiest covers that are in good taste. I would love suggestions because this may take a while. I am not including variant covers only because. This is a list of women who have been involved with producing comic books and comic strips. Many notable female comics creators exist even though the field of comics creation is traditionally male-dominated.

Jun 08,  · 43 Hilariously Painful Comics About Shaving That Only Women Will Truly Understand. Inga Korolkovaite BoredPanda staff. I'm sure that shaving competes with periods for the first place on every women's blacklist. It's just one of many chores that you regularly avoid. The hair, however, keeps on growing despite your hatred towards it and at some Author: Inga Korolkovaite. The Older Woman Younger Man Comics And Cartoons collected from thirty-five of the best cartoonists. These are available to license for books, magazines, merchandise, newsletters, presentations and websites. Click on any image to see links to licensing and related cartoons.

The genesis of the idea to do a wrestling-women comic came when Charles contacted the owners of the property in an attempt to get them interested in producing a comic book featuring the "G.L.O.W." girls. So we produced four pages of comics, written by Charles and illustrated by yerz trooly, with which to pitch the series. SuperGirl vs Super Woman, Wendi Richter & Madusa Story by Jonair DEAR DIARY THE BEST OF JONIAR With Daisy Fuentes as Samantha against SuperGirl & Wonder Woman Story by Jonair THE OTHER RUMBLE With Nona Gaye as The Wife and Michael Michele as The Mistress Story by Deacon Catwoman vs Sheena the Jungle Queen.