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New Teachers Requirements for adult education in Illinois Administrators Support for administrators in adult education Illinois Adult Learning Hotline Referral. The Adult Learning Resource Center (ALRC), a nationally recognized educational resource, provides professional development, including instructional and program support, for adult and family educators.

Classroom Resources Tier 2 Vocabulary Units As a way to support instructors who are teaching academic (Tier 2) vocabulary to adult learners, complete vocabulary units have been developed by Illinois STAR training participants and edited by the ALRC staff. Each unit covers ten academic words and includes the following components. LINCS Learner Center - Resources for adult learners brought to you by the USDOE Microsoft Office Online - Work on Office files with anyone, anywhere, in real time - for free Microsoft Office Software Discount - Available to any VBCPS student No Red Ink - Builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum.

The Adult Learning Resource Center (ALRC) provides professional development and technical assistance to citizenship educators and programs in Illinois. Services include training workshops, an educator forum, consultation by phone or email, and resource development and sharing. Citizenship Resource Center The USCIS Guide to the Adult Citizenship Education Content Standards and Foundation Skills: A Framework for Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum This guide provides content and progress standards for each phase of the naturalization process. The guide can be used to develop a citizenship curriculum, plan.

The Illinois Adult Learning Hotline provides referral services for students, volunteers, and employers wishing to access adult education and literacy programs throughout Illinois. Read our online newsletter to learn about the latest state and national adult education news and resources. w. Webinars. View a list of upcoming webinars for PY l. Lesson Bank. Download and use CCRS-aligned lessons with your students.

Jan 25,  · Adult Learning Resource Center. We provide adult education and literacy resources, publications, and training for adult education practitioners in Virginia. If you are interested in enrolling in ABE/GED ® classes at the Adult Learning Center, please submit this online GED ® Class Interest Form, to be added to our contact list and to receive an email when a placement evaluation for classes is scheduled.