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Bulldogs Parents. My bulldog Moms are my 5th & 6th generation I've raised here at BJ's Farm. The dads have been purchased from reputable breeders from across the globe. Enjoy the pictures and info and see if a Bulldog puppy is the right choice for you. English Bulldogs make wonderful pets! They are very laid back and don't need much exercise or. Mar 21,  · An adult Bulldog can weigh around 50 lbs or more. Average weight for a female should be around 40lbs, with males weighing closer to 50lbs. Being overweight is very bad for your dog, and you should keep your Bulldog slim with a tucked in tummy.

Adult Bulldog Application Please note: the dogs are not being placed on a first come first serve basis. We are placing the dog in the home that we feel will be . All of our adult bulldogs are chosen with this in mind and we back this up with a one year health guarantee. All of our adults bulldogs are bred using our experience and knowledge to provide the healthiest, happiest bulldog puppies for sale.

18 rows · English Bulldog Adult Dogs for Sale. Home; Dogs for Sale; English Bulldog Dogs; Owner . Male English bulldog Buba is lover; he enjoys lots of attention and loves to play. He is an exceptionally nice bulldog with a big head, huge nose roll, and short body Weight: 60 lbs.

The English bulldog stands about 16 inches tall. The female weighs about 50 pounds (23 kilograms), and the male weighs about 54 pounds (24 kilograms). The English bulldog's skin is loose and pendant with heavy wrinkles and thick folds on the face and a dewlap hanging from the throat. The coat is short and fine textured. Adult Bulldogs We have Every Color. I know they're cute as puppies, however. Our Studs. Fully Suited Lilac Tri Stud "Merlin aka Triple Crown" Lilac Tri Merle Stud "Money" Chocolate Tri Quad Razor Bullies 50 Shades of Blue Chocolate "Fudge" Blue Tri Merle "Mojo" The Fifth Element.

There are 23 French Bulldog adult dogs for sale located in the following states: Texas, Oregon, New York, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Connecticut.